Styles and cuts from A.S.

We believe in thorough consultations and pure technique, combined to create the perfect look for you. Your hairstyle should enhance your uniqueness, not change it, so your hairdresser will take the time to get to know you, to learn your values and aspirations. We’ll consider the natural lines of your features and face shape, be it oval, slim, round or square, so that we can create a hair style so exquisitely suited to you that as you leave the salon, you glow with a confidence that only a truly beautiful hair cut can bestow. You, by Rush.


Long and mid-length hairstyles are the most versatile, from the classic blow dry to wavy and tousled, and super straight and chic; long hair will not only compliment all face shapes, but the beautiful personalities behind them too.

If you have thick, full-bodied hair, gorgeous long layers will create movement and add an air of fluidity to your style. Layers will also widen slimmer faces, to create the illusion of an oval shape and if you have a square face or a strong jaw line, we will work with your features to soften your look.

Blunt edges will create body and weight in fine, flyaway hair and by avoiding too many layers you’ll give the illusion of much thicker hair.

Fringes are really on trend and look great with longer looks. Going for a strong, blunt fringe will balance longer face shapes and if you have a rounder face adding a sweeping side fringe will elongate your features, creating the appearance of an almond shape.


Shorter looks are great for finer hair types. Sleeker styles will add weight and definition, think Emma Watson, while a more textured ‘just got out of bed’ look will give you slightly more of an edge. Again, if you have a slim face, adding a long sweeping fringe will beautifully frame your features, creating the illusion of a stunning oval face.

Generally speaking, shorter styles and cropped looks should be avoided by those with rounder faces, but if that’s the style your dreams are made of, speak to your hairdresser and we'll see what we can do to make the look work for you


Bobs are a great way to add instant glamour and style to your hair. Whether you choose to go for a longer length, the 'Lob', or the classic shorter style, a bob will add weight and body to fine hair and be it sleek and sharp or tousled the style is also really versatile when it comes to styling.

A bob looks fantastic on slim, longer face shapes creating the illusion of a more oval shape.

A heavy, blunt fringe will add some drama to your style, or for a softer ultra-feminine look, wear yours swept to one side, like Lily Allen.


We believe that even a little colour can make a big difference. Colour can bring a haircut to life, enhancing the shape and adding dimensions to your look that you would never have imagined even existed before.

But there’s more to it than that. Your hair and therefore your hair colour is an expression of you, so we will take the time to learn about you, to ensure to find the perfect colours to suit your eyes, skin tone and style.

Available in beautifully rich Shades EQ, REDKEN CHROMATICS Ammonia Free permanent colour puts less stress on your hair while improving moisture levels, leaving your hair feeling nourished and vibrant. To help protect and maintain the radiance of your REDKEN colour at home, we recommend you use REDKEN Color Extend Shampoo & Conditionner , it will ensure that your REDKEN Colour looks and feels gorgeously soft, silky and shiny for longer.